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Loacated at 3095 Crandberry Highway in Wareham Ma, Cape Cod Fighting Alliance, is the School of “The Ultimate Fighter” veteran Pat Schultz.
Originally from Wareham and ex Hockey Player, Pat opened up the school to teach MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai/Kickboxing.
Even on that Rainy day, I visited his school, on my quest to find good fighters for the Noboundaryfight event, the gym was fairly busy with people bouncing around, jumping rope, and hitting the bags.
In Plain view in one of the main wall , were display several trophy belts, as a reminder to some glorious fighting days!!
As I was admiring them, Chip “The surgeon” Moraza-Pollard made is entrance to the gym as his class was about to begin.I realized then that some of those belts must have been around his waist at one point..!!
It was amazing to remember him fighting on my first MMA show 8 years ago, and seeing him now teaching a class of Muay Thai! If you are living in the Cape, and plan on training MMA, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, or even staying fit for the summer, CCFA is your ” Gate opener” of the Cape Cod’s Gyms!


Inderal buy overnight - Buy propranolol inderal online

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