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Situated at 98 Business st in Hyde Park Ma, Hard knocks Muay Thai is a little Hidden Gem..!
Kru Bill Newcomb, owner, trainer and coach,will teach you the art of the eight limb from beginners to advance levels.
Private are also available all week long.
The Gym features a 18′ x 18′ ring, matted floor, heavy bags, focus mitt,Thai Pads..
Kru Bill keep his fighters busy by having them participating to most of the local events scheduled..
Everybody is working in every corners of the Gym. The atmosphere is electric!!
It’s funny how life come to full circle, as 15 years ago i used to train and spar at Kru Bill gym in Revere, when he was still with his longtime friend Kru Steve Soriano.
If you are in search in the real deal in Muay thai, do not look further!

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Where can i buy inderal, Order inderal

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