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Where to start with Steve..?! There is so much to say about him…First and foremost, the Heavyweight fighter is walking daily with an impressive Physic that demonstrate, on his own, dedication and sacrifices to the sport.
The single father of 4 children is as dedicated and determined in his personal life as he is in the gym. A fast learner and listener, Steve managed in the span of 20 months to compete in already 8 bouts; 6 from which he emerged with the win.The most recent one being the Heavyweight Amateur Kickboxing Champ in New Hampshire.
A southpaw, with pure Muay Thai techniques,Steve bring to all of his fights a diversity of kicks, knees and punches;but furthermore his strong and resilient Physic.You will have to hit like a “tank” to pass through it…!
The youth Conselor @ Roxbury’s Whittier street Health center, is certainly on this way to a long road of successes.. but for this he will have to pass first the challenge that Yorgan Decastro bring to the table, in their Co-main event of June 25th.