Our titled men

  • Michael TRIANA


    135 lbs Team: TEAM LINK W Won belt by beating Jimmy SAN M-PLEX II Mansfield June 24, 2017


    Super lightweight 140-145lbs

    145 lbs Team: WAI KRU Won title by beating Phil Dasilva MELROSE January 14, 2017

  • Dillan JOUCOO

    Super lightweight 140-145lbs

    140 lbs Team: 5 POINTS ACADEMY July 14 2018 Win belt by beating Dyonis Dume

  • Sidney KANG

    Super lightweight 140-145lbs

    145 lbs Team: ESTEVEZ MT MELROSE IX January 18 2020 Win belt by beating Dionys DUME


    Lightweight 145-150LBS

    147 lbs October 2021 won belt by beating Rommel Canales

  • Omar ESTEVEZ


    155 lbs Team: SITAN GYM Won belt by beating Shaun SHUBERT MELROSE 7-8 April 13 -October 12 2019

  • Amadeu CRISTIANO


    PRO 152 lbs Team: HARDNOCKS_ Won Title by beating Greg ROWE_ M-PLEX II Mansfield June 24, 2017

  • Aaron ORTIZ

    Welterweight 155-160 lbs

    160 lbs Team: TEAM LINK MA Won belt by beating Michael COLON MELROSE VI January 19, 2019

  • Elvin JOHNSON


    170 lbs Team: RAJASI M.T. Won belt by beating Flavio BRITO MELROSE VI Melrose January 19, 2019

  • Aaron ORTIZ


    170 lbs Team: TEAM LINK Won belt by beating J.Lucky HENRY MELROSE IX Melrose January 18, 2020

  • Flavio BRITO

    Middleweight 170-185 lbs

    180 lbs March 31 2018 won belt by beating Stephen Bobinchuck

  • Ross LEVINE

    Middleweight 170-185 lbs

    175 lbsTeam: PRIDE MARTIAL ARTS Won belt by beating Nick THOMAS MELROSE V October 20, 2018

  • Alex BROWN

    Lightheavyweight 185-205lbs

    190 lbs October 2019 won belt by beating Mark Dewaele January 2022 won belt by beating Nuridiin Abrar

  • Steve WALKER

    Heavyweight 205-235 lbs

    220 lbs Team: HARD KNOCKS Won Title by beating Yorgan D. Castro M-PLEX Mansfield June 25, 2016


  • Maria KRITIKOS

    112lbs Last woman standing

    Team:BAAN MUAY THAI Won cup by beating E.Silveira (final) October 20, 2018

  • George PITSAKIS

    140lbs Last man standing

    Team:RAMI ELITE Won cup by beating D.Joucoo(final) January 19, 2019

  • Carmen CORCHADO

    125lbs Last woman stand II

    Team::KINGS THAI BOXING Won cup by beating C.Vizenor(final) April 13, 2019

  • Bryan Burgos

    165 lbs Last man standing II

    Team KINGS COMBAT F Won cup by beating Aaron ORTIZ Melrose VIII October 12th, 2019

Our Classes

Our team



    Ex MMA pro fighter. Hold 7 different black belts in various martial arts. Specialist in stand up combat sport

  • Mohamed HADIFI


    Momo is a world Muay Thay Champ and expert in strength and conditioning

  • Bill NEWCOMB


    USKBA East Coast Champion in the Light Heavyweight Division and holds Instructor Certification from Fairtex Muay Thai

  • Cassie COOPER

    Ring girl

    Fitness competitor in bodybuilding shows and demo athlete for Dymatize Nutrition. Manager for CCNC.