Home of John Clarke and Long time Muay thai expert Steve Soriano, Broadway Gym (Team Carlson Gracie),is located at 36 W Broadway in South Boston.
Besides being in front of the train station for those with no cars, parking was a challenge there until I found out about a parking lot on the back of the building…After a few steps down, I emerged into a spacious open Space with a lot of Mats room and high ceilings…A Jiu-Jitsu class was being given on the right inside, but that wasn’t the focus of my attention…
On the second open space was Steve wearing the typical outfit for a Muay Thai trainer… 2 Hand Pads with shin guards and the padded belt,.. on which one of his beginner student was pounding some loud low and Middle kicks. Just after a few minutes only of observing the different students striking the line of punching bags and each other, I realized the high level of Muay Thai teaching that was taking place there!
It wasn’t really coming as a surprise, knowing Steve background with Guy Chase, Boston Muay Thai, Bill Newcomb and many more over 30 years of experience…
My memories of training at his school in Revere back in 2001 were coming back in a non stop flow…Quickly interrupted by a nice talk with Steve regarding the upcoming event Of Noboundaryfight in June 25th, and the possibility of having some Broadway’s fighters at the event.
I walked out of the place, thinking of the meaning of the quote from Pierre de Coubertin, displayed on one of the main wall of the gym :
The important thing in life is not Victory but combat, it is not to have vanquished but to have fought well..
It was making me proud ( beside being French…) that the moral values from the founder of the Olympic committee were held as a high standard in this Gym..

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