After training 19 years ago at Fairtex Muay Thai in San Francisco when I first arrived in the US, it was only logic to come and train at Sityodtong, when I moved to New England in the summer of 2001. Adding to the fact that, my good friend Guy Chase,recently relocated as well, was the one who introduced Kru Marc Dellagrotte,to the art of the Eight Limbs, beside being his Kali/Silat and Jeet Kun Do Instructor.

Fast forward 7 years, and my Little career in pro MMA, came to an end; and with it years of training at Sityodtong. Now on the verge of promoting my first event in Muay Thai, it was only inevitable to come back to the source and ask for the support of, now a reference in the fighting MMA scene, Kru Mark Dellagrotte.
When I arrived at first, I felt confused as the little door, on Cluster st, that used to gave us access to the training room is now locked..The main entrance now is off Broadway st as Mark and is wife Mary took over the all building, where Mark’s father used to have a Law Office.

I was afraid that with the expansion the school will loose some of it’s character, and wouldn’t feel as “personal” as it used to be..
Well that feeling,quickly vanished, as soon as i opened the front door…Mary who was sitting at the front desk,greetings the students, recognized me right away, and even after all those years, she gave me such a welcoming receiving.. that it really felt like “family”…

And that’s what it is; it’s all about Family! From the numerous pictures Of Kru Mark with the who’s who of MMA,and the pictures of the lineage of Kru Yodtong in Thailand covering the walls, you understand that when you sign for a membership there, you become part of the Sityodtong family!And as long as you stay true to yourself, honest and loyal, ( values that tend to disappear nowadays…people will know who i am talking about!!) you will have access to a tremendous source of knowledge in the art of Combat.
The facility now spacious( For Sommerville ) can accommodate comfortably ,at the same time, a number of students, in several defined area.. Cages, rings, heavy bags and Matts seems to be in every rooms.And the best part of it, the “downstairs” room is still opened and being used for a Jujistsu class. Wrestling program is coming too..
As I go back to my car, my head full of memories, I promised myself, that as soon as my knee healed, I will be back for some awsome sparring sessions!!!

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