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Noboundary fight

Like a Phoenix reborn from the ashes Noboundaryfight Promotion will be launching his first event in June 2016 after a lapse of almost 6 years. This time around Noboundaryfight will be focusing on bringing quality stand ups...

Kickboxing and Muay thai schools list


Hard Knocks Muay Thai

Situated at 98 Business st in Hyde Park Ma, Hard knocks Muay Thai is a little Hidden Gem..! Kru Bill Newcomb, owner, trainer and coach,will teach you the art of the eight limb from beginners to...


After training 19 years ago at Fairtex Muay Thai in San Francisco when I first arrived in the US, it was only logic to come and train at Sityodtong, when I moved to New England in...


Home of John Clarke and Long time Muay thai expert Steve Soriano, Broadway Gym (Team Carlson Gracie),is located at 36 W Broadway in South Boston. Besides being in front of the train station for those with...


Loacated at 3095 Crandberry Highway in Wareham Ma, Cape Cod Fighting Alliance, is the School of “The Ultimate Fighter” veteran Pat Schultz. Originally from Wareham and ex Hockey Player, Pat opened up the school to teach...


At the beginning of my search, for qualified individuals, to be referee or judges for an event in “South Asian Kickboxing”;I met Richard O’Connor. We connected right away at our first meeting, having quite some similar...